DCU Spotlight Review: Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker #1
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DCU Spotlight Review: Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker #1

Overview: Seeking the power of the Dreamstone, Angel Breaker recruits Raptor to steal from the deadly Kobra Cult in Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker #1.

Synopsis (Spoilers ahead): 14 hours before the Nightmare Wave, Angel Breaker saves a horny couple from Raptor’s robbery in Turkey. She blackmails Raptor into helping her with a heist. On the plane to their target, a Kobra cult base, she reveals her plan. She believes her destiny is to learn all the skills of the greatest warriors. The Kobra cult has a device with access to the powers of (Dr. Destiny) John Dee’s Dreamstone. Angel Breaker believes she can use those powers to download all of those skills and fulfill her destiny.

At the Kobra base, four children are being trained for powerful positions in the cult. Angel Breaker and Raptor parachute in and kill the guards. The Kobra base commander activates the device, while the kids bump into Angel Breaker and Raptor. The Nightmare Wave hits, but the device allows those in the base to remain awake. Their pilot falls asleep, and the plane hits the base, forcing the kids and thieves into the basement.

A deadly figure kills the base commander as the base power fails. As the kids lead the party deeper into the base, the figure kills one of them. Angel Breaker recognizes the figure as her nightmare, Nanny Gillo. She believes the Nightmare Wave tore the figure from her dreams into reality. Is Angel Breaker’s destiny to kill her own evil dream?

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