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DC Comics Announces “Absolute Power” at ComicsPro 2024

Absolute Power will be DC Comics’ major summer event.

DC Comics gave their annual presentation to the annual ComicsPRO meeting As part of their ComicsPRO presentation today DC Comics announced Absolute Power, a new four-issue summer event series from writer Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora. The series finds all metahumans in the DCU stripped of their powers by the Dawn of DC’s overarching antagonist, Amanda Waller.


From DC’s release:

Throughout the Dawn of DC, Amanda Waller’s combination of pure ruthlessness and dangerous alliances has placed her on the precipice of fulfilling her pledge—the elimination of all metahuman abilities planetwide. This summer, her plans take a major step forward with Absolute Power, DC’s big summer blockbuster.


Helmed by the critically-acclaimed duo of writer Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora, this four-issue series launches July 2 and shows how Waller will use the strategic and military might of Failsafe and the otherworldly technology of the Brainiac Queen to steal all metahuman abilities from every super hero and super-villain around the globe, a threat so dire it will take the combined efforts of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Super Heroes of the DC Universe to defeat it.


absolute power special cover
Cover for the Absolute Power FCBD Special Edition by Dan Mora



Before the mini-series releases in July, DC is going to be offering a 12-page prelude as a part of their Free Comic Book Day offerings on Saturday, May 4th. The story will be written by Waid and drawn by Mikel Janín. Then in June, DC will also release Absolute Power: Ground Zero, which is a one-shot written by Mark Waid that is supposed to bridge the conclusion of “House of Brainiac” in Superman with everything Amanda Waller is putting together in Absolute Power.


Absolute Power: Ground Zero main cover by Dan Mora (Credit: DC Comics)


Check out these few unfinished pages from Absolute Power, courtesy of DC Comics, below. The Absolute Power Free Comic Book Day Special Edition is due out on Saturday, May 4th. The one-shot will release in June with the first issue of the main series landing in comic shops everywhere and on digital platforms on Tuesday, July 2nd.


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