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Review: Dark X-Men #1

In this review of Dark X-Men #1, Madelyne Pryor, Ruler of Limbo, will wage war against anyone if the war is just. Feeling only Jean die the night of the Gala, she begins her plan to find the living mutants and take on Orchis.


Dark X-Men #1
Written by: Steve Foxe
Art by: Jonas Scharf
Main Cover by: Stephen Segovia
Variant Covers: Alex Ross, Adam Hughes, Salvador Larroca, and Jonas Scharf
Page Count: 36 Pages
Release Date: August 16, 2023


dark x-men #1 variant cover by adam hughesThe Story:

Once you get over the fact that the United States government is allowing the Limbo Embassy to not only stay open, but house mutants in New York City, it’s a solid story. It just seems very toned down from Orchis showing up to the Gala and demanding all Mutants leave earth. It makes me think that Madelyne Prior has something over the U.S. government or there is an overwhelming fear of Limbo itself.

Despite playing enough of the game to still be on earth, Madelyne makes it clear pretty fast that Orchis is the enemy. She also reveals that the night of the Gala, Jean was the only person she felt pass on to the next life, which means the mutants are still out there. She just has to find them; a job which will be easier since she has her own version of Cerebro at the Embassy.

She is not the only one searching for mutants as we get a little tie in with the children of the Atom. While they try to get Gimmick an inhibitor collar to pass as human, Buddy’s father calls Orchis. As she is being transported to an Orchis Facility, we get a rescue attempt by a third group of Mutants with Maggot, Archangel and Gambit; Azazel already there watching for Madelyne ready to help.

This is great. It is very much what I view the Xmen to be. Madelyne Pryor is the perfect “Dark” Professor X. The back up in this issue goes into the creation of the Embassy and a little more into Havoc’s role. By doing this, it really cements the Limbo Embassy as a place for even the Mutants who are looked down upon by other mutants have a place to go. We will see as these go forward what Madelyne Pryor’s ultimate goal will be. Professor X wanted a place where mutants and humans lived in harmony, Magneto wanted mutants to take control and be the Homosuperior. What will Madelyne be?


The Art:

The use of color is the standout on this issue for me. The use of the reds and purples on this issue are gorgeous. It really has the feel of a Madelyne Pryor story without it being seeped in magic. The way they did this made the explosions and the use powers very vibrant. I could watch Azazel BAMF in and out all day long. He stands out every single panel that he is in.


Final Thoughts:

This has all the things that I find enjoyable in an X-Men story. I really like the group that they have assembled and in this world of super hate towards mutants, I feel like Madelyne is the perfect person to head this team. I’m excited to see how she chooses to move her people through this hate.

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Dark X-Men #1
Final Thoughts
Very rarely do I go into a comic having an idea of what I would like and it over delivers. I didn’t think Madelyne Pryor was the right choice to head the Dark X-Men, but after the first seven pages, I was happily wrong.
Overall Score
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