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Comic Picks of the Week: March 8, 2023

March rolls on and it’s another New Comic Book Day. This week’s slate of books is far better than last week’s picks (although they were decent) with DC Comics dominating our list. This week, we have some penultimate issues, a final battle or two, and a little in between. Excited? So are we. So check out our comic picks for March 8, 2023 below and visit a comic shop near you.

Kicking things off for our comic picks for March 8, 2023 is the second issue of Static: Shadows of Dakota from Vita Ayala and Nikolas Draper-Ivey. Ebon is beginning to make himself known in the city of Dakota. He wants to know the whereabouts of his brother, the Rubberband Man. But what might Virgil and his team of friends have to do with this? After an action-packed first issue, what’s in store for Static?

Next up is Part 5 of the One Minute War event with The Flash #794. Wally West is dead (or is he) and the other members of Team Flash have been captured. Who’s left to stand in the Fraction’s invasion of Earth. Irey West, that’s who. Wait, did we just say Irey West? Take our word for it. The penultimate issue of the event is worth it.

And finally, there’s Batman #133 from Chip Zdarsky and Michael Hawthorne. Bruce was able to escape the attack at the gala, but how can he learn more about the man controlling the city of Gotham – a Gotham that has no Batman. And in the backup story, Tim Drake continues his mission to find his mentor wherever he may be. And Toy Man is going to help him whether he wants to or not.

As always, check back here next week at the Comic Book Spot for more picks and news.

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