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Comic Picks of the Week: March 22, 2023

It’s another week and that means we have another New Comic Book Day. This week’s slate of books is… well… it’s a lot. Last week, Image Comics dominated our list. This week, DC Comics has taken back their spot at the top with the most books. One thing all of this week’s titles have in common – the art in them all are as stunning as the writing. Excited? So are we. So with with that being said, check out our comic picks for March 22, 2023 below and visit a comic shop near you.

First up on our list for our comic picks for March 22, 2023 is the Milestone 30th Anniversary Special #1, a book commemorating Milestone’s history in the industry. Written by a cast of writers with several guest artists, this issue will introduce today’s Milestone characters with their counterparts from 1993. The book also highlights several members of Milestone’s and DC’s Milestone Initiative program. If you have been enjoying the Milestone titles since their return, you will enjoy this.

BTW, don’t miss out on the Static/Batman Beyond story.

Next up is The Magic Order 4 #3 from Mark Millar and Dike Ruan. Last issue, we learned that Sammy Liu didn’t kill Cordelia and Francis as first thought and now they’re on a mission to find Cordelia’s brother. However, that might learn more about the man he was traded for, Uncle Edgar – the Wizard King.

The Massive-Verse has been expanding as of late with last week’s release of No/One #1. However, book one of Inferno Girl Red comes to an end with its third issue. Last issue, Cássia met a sounding defeat in more ways than one. She has to get over it rather quickly however, as Apex City still finds itself in peril.

But There’s More…

Jessica Harrow is back in Grim #9 from Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano at Boom Studios. After Death’s uhhh… death, Adira has the afterlife looking for Jess and her friends to finish her plans to take over. But there’s someone new in play who looking for Jess as well. Can Jess, Eddie, and Marcel outrun them all? Boom promises that someone won’t make it. The question is, who?

And finally, it’s the penultimate issue (we promise it is) of the One Minute War in The Flash #795 from Jeremy Adams and Roger Cruz. Wally West is dead and the Fraction continues their Speed Force-enhanced invasion of the planet. However, Barry Allen has a plan to make everything right. But his plan might include time travel. But didn’t Barry try something like this before?

As always, check back here next week at the Comic Book Spot for more picks and news.

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