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Comic Picks of the Week: January 18, 2023

It’s another week and with a new week comes a new week of comic picks. We’re  little heavy on the DC Comics this week, but other publishers are presented as well. So check out our comic picks for January 18, 2023 below and visit a comic shop near you.

Kicking off our comic picks for January 18, 2023 is Flash #791, the second part of Jeremy Adams’ One-Minute War arc. We begin to see the fallout of the Fraction’s invasion of earth, including the seeming aftermath of the death Iris West. How will the Flash Family take on invaders that use of the same speed force their powers are built from?

Next up is Nightwing #100, also from DC Comics. Heartless is making his move to take over Blüdhaven after the death of Blockbuster. How can Nightwing and Batgirl stop him? And what does the end result mean for Dick Grayson moving forward? What a great to cap off the 100th issue of Nightwing since Rebirth started.

Finally, (yes, we’re on a DC Comics kick this week) there is Batman: One Bad Day – Bane #1 from Joshua Williamson. Bane no longer yearns for the super drug Venom. But the drug is still causing problems on the streets. So he sets out to find the source of this Venom and put a stop to it. Who else is better to help him than… BATMAN? This should be interesting, right?

As always, check back here next week at the Comic Book Spot for more picks and news.

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