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What To Get for the Batman Who Has Everything in this Review of Wonder Woman #7

In this review of Wonder Woman #7, Wonder Woman and Superman travel the galaxy to find the perfect gift for Batman.


Wonder Woman #7
Written by:
Tom King

Art by: Guillem March
Cover by:
Daniel Sampere

Variant covers by: Julian Totino Tedesco, Guillem March, Sozomaika, Jorge Molina, Ramona Fradon
Page Count: 40
Release Date:


This review contains spoilers.


wonder woman #7 variant cover
Wonder Woman #7 variant cover by Guillem March (Images courtesy of DC Comics)

Simply put, Wonder Woman #7 is a comic that truly highlights why the Trinity (Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman). Considering Tom King wrote this issue means a lot coming from this reviewer. Most who follow me know that I have not been a huge fan in quite a while. However, there have been certain aspects of King’s run on Wonder Woman that has caught my attention (particularly his back-up stories featuring Trinity and the Super Sons).

Wonder Woman #7 is a touching story in which Diana and Clark visit another planet in order to find the perfect birthday gift for Batman, the billionaire-now-millionaire who seemingly has (or had) everything one could find on Earth. So, another planet in another galaxy has to be the answer, right? However, they find themselves on a planet that is fascinated with all things Earth.

While dealing with the practical matter of trying to find a gift for Bruce, King also does a decent job of keeping the continuity of his run in place. Clark offers his help to Diana in dealing with the backlash against the Amazons, but she’s focused on their friend. Eventually, Clark succeeds in getting her to open up some. But she is adamant that what’s going on is an Amazon problem that can only be resolved with an Amazonian solution. But it’s clear that despite her trying to keep Clark focused on gift-buying for Bruce, the weight of everything weighs on her.

The fact that the duo settles on some funny photos and a diamond as Batman’s gift might be corny to some (and it is). However, readers should not miss what King is doing here in Diana’s and Clark’s adventure at the Andromeda Mall and what Tom King story is showing. Seeing Wonder Woman and Superman just hanging out as friends having fun is truly a remarkable story.

This gives me flashbacks to Tom King’s run on Batman in Batman #37, when Bruce and Selina went on a double date with Clark and Lois. It was a great presentation on how these heroes were friends even more so. You see the same here between Diana and Clark as they simply spend time together and have fun in between their spurts of window-shopping. The only thing that could be better than this would be all three members of the Trinity hanging out together.


page from wonder woman #7
Do they validate parking here? (Images courtesy of DC Comics)


From an artistic perspective, Guillem March has some of the best work I’ve seen on this title in a while. Whether it was his work on Gotham City Sirens or his stints through various TBU titles. March has evolved his craft to remain beautiful. The color work from Arif Prianto is exquisite. The palette is so bright and vivid. It matches the tone of King’s story, that despite Diana dealing with the drama between the US and the Amazons, which can be understandably dark at times under the creative work of Daniel Sampere and Tomeu Morey, Wonder Woman #7 is a more feel-good story. The art clearly shows it as such.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are a fan of Tom King or not, Wonder Woman #7 is an issue you should pick simply as a fan and definitely so if you are a fan of the Trinity. Even though Batman doesn’t appear until the end of the issue, King’s story highlights just how important these characters are to one another. This is a solid read that is highly recommended.


Editor’s Note: Enjoy this review of Wonder Woman #7? Find more reviews here. DC Comics provided The Comic Book Spot with an advanced copy of this comic for review purposes. You can find this comic and help support The Comic Book Spot in the process by purchasing this issue digitally on Amazon or a physical copy of the title through Things From Another World.

wonder woman #7 variant cover
Wonder Woman #7
Final Thoughts
Wonder Woman #7 shows exactly why the Trinity is the best superhero tandem ever. Stories like this are truly missed and more like this are needed.
Overall Score
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