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Review: Self Help #1

In this review of Self Help #1, a taxi driver meets his look alike. This man is a self help guru with more insults than common sense. A chance encounter with the two leads to a life changing event.


This review contains spoilers



Title:  Self Help # 1
Writer: Owen King & Jesse Kellerman
Artist:  Marianna Ignazzi
Color Artist:  Fabiana Mascolo
Covers:  Marianna Ignazzi, Stephen Byrne, Steven Russell Black, Ashley Wood
Release Date:  June 19, 2024


The Story

Self Help #1 begins with a taxi driver, Jerry Hauser. He has a cracked cell phone, dead end job, troubled marriage and estranged young daughter. The one thing Jerry does have though is the face of a celebrity. Jerry is reading a book at a local coffee shop in West Hollywood, CA he is interrupted by a young woman named Ramona who thinks she recognizes him. Unfortunately she has mistaken him for Darrel Hart, a self-help guru. The young woman takes a selfie with “Darren” and leaves. Just then he gets a fare. He leaves flashing the server the finger when she chastises him for letting the girl go. 

What we see is a list of fares that talk about how much Jerry looks like Darrne Hart. We next meet the real Darren Hart. He is taking a bath and the worst possible thing has happened, he dropped his water bottle on the floor! The only thing he can do is call Cassandra, his personal assistant, to come and hand him the water. This infuriates the woman and she reminds her employer about his appointment to have drinks with Ove, something Darren is not looking forward to because he thinks the person is stupid and vulgar. Cassandra will meet Darren at Ove’s place. 

We have an interlude where Jerry races to see his daughter entering her mobile home, apparently he cannot have contact with his daughter. At the Stapes Center we get a firsthand glimpse of Darren Hart’s advice. He holds a rally where he basically degrades the people and convinces the crowd that only the people can help each other. Cassandra leaves to go to Ove’s place. Hart goes to his Tesla and it will not start. He frantically calls Cassandra who cannot fix this problem so he puts in for a cap fare to go to Ove’s.

Jerry gets the fare and is forced to accept. He discovers that it is Hart and the two share a laugh about how they look identical. Jerry shares his problems with Hart and in normal fashion starts to degrade Jerry as being a failure. Jerry has had enough and kicks him out of his car and drives off. Hart stumbles and falls off the edge of the cliff. Jerry sees this and returns to find a seriously injured Daren Hart. On seeing the man he decides not to help and says that only he can help himself and he sees that he has no cell phone connection. To be continued.



The art in Self Help #1 is simple but effective. It is everyday life and the style depicts that aesthetic. There are no superpowers and aliens and ships of any kind. It is just people and the characters are depicted as just that. The only two characters to look alike are Darren and Jeremy. To tel them apart Jerry is shown in a plaid shirt befitting his social stature and Daren is in a cream shirt as befitting his stature in life.

The story is interesting but it is not fleshed out as of yet. This issue is only really a means to introduce the characters to the reader. The main characters appear to be Darren, Jerry, and Darren’s assistant Cassandra. We see the differences in the two male leads. Jerry is disgusted with being compared to this celebrity and he is probably even more disgusted when he meets Darren face to face. Darren himself is a spoiled brat. He has let his celebrity get the better of him and it is evident in the way he talks to people especially his clients or would be clients. 

Self Help #1 may also look into the love affair people have with celebrities in our culture. Ramona is so excited to see Darren even though she says she attended one of his seminars. More than likely she may never have directly communicated with Darren then but it is hard to tell. Darren tells Bonnie at his latest gathering that she is worthless and she really does not matter but his answer is that no one else matters either and she eats it out of his hands with the rest of the attendees. The only person we see that does not appreciate Darren’s “help” is Jerry himself who does nothing to Darrden except throw him out of his car but also does nothing to help the now injured superstar.


Final Thoughts

I do not know where this story is going exactly. It is possible that Darren could die and Jerry will take his place and possibly become a better self-help guru than Darren  but only time will tell.

self help #1 featured image
Self Help #1
Final Thoughts
I do not know where this story is going exactly. It is possible that Darren could die and Jerry will take his place and possibly become a better self-help guru than Darren  but only time will tell.
Overall Score

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