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Comic Book Review Desk: May 8, 2024

Welcome to the Comic Book Review Desk for May 8, 2024. We have nine titles pulled from the bookshelf for the review desk this week. Was pleasantly satisfied with most of them. Unfortuantely, some also didn’t meet the muster, while a few were downright terrible. You know when there;s an Energon title, that title usually tops our list. For this week, that title is the Energon Universe 2024 Special #1 that gives three new stories from our favorite Energon titles that may answer a few questions from the various titles on shelves. It can also be a good starting point for those who haven’t jumped on the Energon train yet. It’s a must read.

You can find our review of Dr. Strange #15 here and the Doctor Who FCBD Special here. With that being said, check out the latest Comic Book Review Desk for May 8, 2024.


Reviews From The Comic Book Review Desk for May 8, 2024


The Best of the Week:


Mid Titles


Please Avoid If You Can (Yes, That Is Batman In This Section)


Check out our other reviews here. And check back next week for the next edition of the Comic Book Review Desk here at The Comic Book Spot.

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