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Comic Book Review: Blood Hunt #1

In Blood Hunt #1, a vampire apocalypse has arrived to destroy the world. Can the Avengers and other heroes from the Marvel Universe turn the tide before it’s too late?


blood hunt #1 main cover
Blood Hunt #1 main cover by Pepe Larraz

Blood Hunt #1
Writer: Jed MacKay
Art and Main Cover: Pepe Larraz
Colors: Marte Gracia
Variant Covers: David Baldeón, Javier Fernández, John Tyler Christopher, Leinil Francis Yu, Peach Momoko, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Gabriele Dell’Otto, Kael Ngu
Release Date: May 1, 2024


This Review Contains Spoilers


Does it mean anything if I were to say that I knew the ending to Blood Hunt #1 before it ended? I didn’t read the solicits. I avoided the socials and YouTube. Yet, perhaps a quarter of the way the issue, I figured it out. While the story did seem too predicable, or perhaps I’ve just been reading comics too long, don’t let that dissuade you from giving this story a try.

Despite its predictability, Blood Hunt #1 was a decent read. MacKay’s and Larraz’s story centers around a zombie apocalypse of sorts. However, the undead in this story are vampires out for blood — everyone’s blood.There’s a lot of dark magic involved as well, as someone has conjured a spell that has caused all those who hold the power of the Dark Hold to explode into portals that not only allow the monsters to enter the world. The dark power exuding from these “portals” are enough to block out the sun, allowing the vampires to hunt freely without fear of the Sun’s rays killing them. They leave a trail of blood and bodies everywhere — everywhere but Latveria.


blood hunt #1 page featuring doctor doom
Latveria is safe thanks to it ruler. (Image Credit: Marvel Comics)


Apparently, Blade has a plan. After Spider-Man dispatches of some vampires in Brooklyn, the day-walker approaches him. He has an idea as to what’s going on. He needs Spidey’s assistance to execute his plan. MacKay doesn’t reveal what this plan is for obvious reasons (because… comics). Elsewhere, the Avengers are taking on a hordes of blood-suckers when they get a call from Blade. He asks them to meet him at the Impossible City.

As the team awaits Blade’s arrival, the semi he was driving arrives. However, Blade isn’t there. The Avengers find themselves under attack by Bloodstorm One and a group he calls his Bloodcoven. Their mission: to take out the Avengers and to bring Captain America to their master who’s behind everything. They fail however, as T’Challa is able to teleport Captain America away.



This all leads to the crescendo of Blood Hunt #1 within the walls of the Sanctum Sanctorum, as Doctor Strange and Clea are conjuring a way to make things right. Blade arrives to explain what’s going on outside with the “uprising,” led by a group of vampires known as the Structure. The have a new leader with the ultimate plan — vampires will drink the blood of superheroes to gain their powers. Dr. Strange asks if Blade knows who the new leader. He does. As Blade stabs Strange from behind, he reveals that he is. The new leader of the structure is Blade.

Seriously, how could it not be Blade? The signs were all there from the moment Blade appeared with Spidey. It was confirmed when the semi teleported to the Impossible City with no mention of him. This is the worse part of the story and why I rated it the way I did. It just seemed lazy. I would have preferred to have been shocked by the reveal, but MacKay made it easy — almost too easy — to figure out.

The rest of the plotting for Blood Hunt #1 is pretty good. The idea of the welders of the Dark Hold being the conduits for everything is an interesting idea. It will be interesting to see the ways in which MacKay closes those portals. Is Doctor Strange still a part of the playbook?

The art is the best part of Blood Hunt #1. This says a lot considering I haven’t always been a fan of Pepe Larraz’s linework. However, it really fits here with the tone of the story. Paired with the colors from Marte Garcia really sets the tone that this will be a dark adventure. It’s apparent even in the main cover for the issue. Speaking of covers, the ones from Artgerm and Gabriele Dell’Otto (1:10 incentive) are to die for. I ordered the Artgerm one myself.


Final Thoughts

Blood Hunt #1 could have been great. But instead, it’s only decent. I wish MacKay had made the issue less predictable so that the reveal at the end was more of a shock. The art saves its good rating.


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blood hunt #1 featured image
Blood Hunt #1
Final Thoughts
This first issue could have been great. But instead, it's only decent. I wish MacKay had made the issue less predictable so that the reveal at the end was more of a shock.
Final Score
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