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Review: Birds of Prey #3

In this review of Birds of Prey #3 from DC Comics, the Birds invade Themyscira and are successful in overpowering the Amazons they encounter and finding Sin.  They still have the big boss battle to come, Wonder Woman herself.


Birds of Prey #3
Writer:  Kelly Thompson
Artist:  Leonardo Romero
Color Artist: Jordi Bellaire
Letterer:  Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist:   Leonardo Romero & Jordi Bellaire
Variant Cover Artists:  Chris Bachalo, W. Scott Forbes, Otto Schmidt, and Leonardo Romero
Release Date: November 7, 2023


Birds of Prey #3 – The Story

birds of prey #3 main coverWe get the first feel of the evil the Birds are trying to stop.  The amazon Penelope has been possessed and she is preparing the vessel.  She is interrupted by Philippus but only for a short time.

The Birds on their boat are not happy with Harley’s plan.  They eventually agree to try it and with the help of King Shark they successfully step foot on the island.  Zealot performs a ceremony to protect her and the others from harm, provided that they in turn do not harm the amazons.

The plan is to separate into teams of two to search for Sin.  Once found, she will be transported by Big Barda off of the island via boom tube leaving the rest of the Birds to fend for themselves.  This sounds like a suicide mission.

Harley and Dinah form one team, Barda and Batgirl are the second, and Zealot and Meridian make up the third.  All the birds encounter resistance and overcome their amazon opponents.  In the struggle though Barda loses the mega rod she uses to generate a boom tube.  On the plus side Dinah and Harley find Sin, she appears well.

The scene shifts to Washington DC.  Oliver Queen is tasked to distract Diana.  He does at great peril to himself but Diana is able to pick up the distress signal from Themyscira.  He radios Dinah but just then Diana Prince busts in and she looks pissed



I prefer vibrant art and that is missing here in Birds of Prey #3.  I understand the choice of the muted colors.  This is a story about a covert mission to invade Themyscira and for that reason it is a good choice for the story and tone but I do not find it visually appealing for this story.

I have a similar complaint about the art of this issue.  It is not visually appealing. The characters just do not look right.  In some cases they look like children.  Sin is younger and that is appropriate but Meridian, who is from the future also looks and she even begins to act very young when she is teamed with Zealot.

Character wise, Birds of Prey #3 continues to not showcase the characters very well.  Ollie gets a more detailed fight sequence than any of the birds do.  Harley is quick with the quips which are in character but we just get snippets of Zealot.  Again her character is the most unknown to regular readers of DC comics and in a sense I would like to see a better introduction to her and her skill set.  She has mystical qualities about her but what exactly is she?  Do those mystical qualities enhance her combat prowess, I just do not really know.

I find it out of character for Dinah to be leading this type of mission.  From the plan it feels like this would be better suited for the Suicide Squad versus a team of heroes.  This is reported to be a suicide mission with Barda being the only character expected to get out alive.

Finally Cass just appears to be a secondary character in this.  She has been depicted as more of a foil for Barda who has an endearing pet name of Small Bat for her which I do love but other than that she is just there.  Another badass character signing up for a death mission.


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Birds of Prey #3
Final Thoughts
Interesting concept but I feel the execution is just very weak here.  There is so much good character opportunities missed in just putting together a heist story for a group of the most skilled female combatants in the DC universe.  I do not want to read about them sneaking around, I want to see their skill in battle.
Overall Score

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